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Murrells Inlet Traffic Violation Lawyers

Representing Recipients of Traffic Tickets in Myrtle Beach & Horry County

Speeding tickets and other traffic violations can be cause for some headache and unfortunately, the incident doesn’t simply go away once you have paid your ticket. Rather than accept the penalties that are given to you, take hold of the situation and fight back. Your driving record is too important.

Joye, Nappier, Risher, & Hardin is backed by decades of experience and our Murrells Inlet traffic violation attorneys are passionate about upholding our clients’ rights and crafting compelling cases on their behalf. We are a small-town firm with a wide breadth of experience and can handle any traffic violations you face.

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Are Traffic Violations Crimes?

Few people fight traffic violations. While many assume that they’re not a big deal, traffic violations such as speeding in most states are considered a misdemeanor and therefore can harm your record and affect your car insurance premiums. You also run the risk of having your license suspended or even serving jail time, depending on the circumstances of your infraction. For example, if you were driving under the influence at the time of your violation, you may face steeper punishments if convicted.

Even if you are not faced with fines or marks on your record, insurance premiums can increase for three years or more if you are convicted of even a minor driving infraction. This is why it’s worth having someone on your side who can advocate for your side of the story.

Types of Traffic Violation Cases Our Traffic Violation Attorneys in Myrtle Beach Handle

We represent clients facing traffic criminal charges including:

  • Speeding
  • Running a red light or stop sign
  • Reckless driving
  • DUI
  • Improper lane usage
  • Driving on an expired, suspended, or revoked license

Contact Joye, Nappier, Risher, & Hardin for Dedicated Advocacy

At our firm, we fight for dismissals or reduced sentences whenever possible. Although we cannot guarantee the outcome of any specific case, we have been able to challenge the facts surrounding many of our clients’ cases and secure lower charges and penalties or even dropped charges.

Trust decades of experience. Call our Myrtle Beach traffic violation lawyers at (843) 203-0637 to learn more about your legal options today. We proudly serve Horry County and all of Myrtle Beach!

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